Universal Motors UK Ltd (formerly Kenworth Products Ltd) , started activity in 1992 and is now leading supplier in United Kingdom of electric motors, gearboxes and drives providing the clients with a complete motion control package and full technical support and after sales expertise.


Universal Motors UK holds and huge stock (including single phase, three phase, ATEX, several mounting positions an higher ratings, NEMA frame, Slip Ring, High Voltage, ATEX Ex Gas and Dust motors , two speeds, Drip Proof, Marine Motors, Coolant Pumps and all types of special motors. Single Phase types are a specialty with both 110 and 230volt).


This range is also available from the head quarters of the company in Portugal which gives us the added bonus of a backup to our already large stock in the UK with weekly shipments from them giving a group stock of around £3.5 million and its constantly growing.


All of our suppliers have in common a desire for quality and service and all motors are manufactured to ISO9001. Our workshop enables us to custom build small order specials and also make non-standard fitments.

We strive to become a supplier for every type of A.C motor, gearbox or electronic variable speed drive and we have a long term attitude towards our relationship with the clients always excelling in the quality of products and service we provide.

It is our mission to cater for our customers ever changing requirements.Universal Motors UK Ltd is constantly looking to broaden its stock profile as well as stocking Motors in greater depth. We stock the motors others do not and service is everything.


Quality Policy

-Ensure the requirements and customer satisfaction, complying with the legal and RegulatoryStandards of its products

-Continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and processes

-Satisfy all the time all interested parties.

-Promote a sustained growth of the company, respecting the environment and the community promoting the participation and motivation of its collaborators.





Quality at the Best Price!